Jan 15

DESIGN: Slim Kitchen Drawers

slimdrawersThe problem with big drawers in a kitchen is that tiny things get lost. So lost, in fact, that you often forget the tiny things, save for the one or two times a year you clean out those big drawers in search of a tiny thing.

These slim drawers would certainly take care of that problem. I’m adding it to my list of MUST HAVEs in the kitchen.

Aug 14

DESIGN: Drawer Ironing Board

imageOooooooh. This is an automatic. Would love to retire the large, clunky ironing board…

Jul 13

DESIGN: Kitchen Backplash

image Love. Lots. I have to start pleading with friends who might still have these around…

Jun 13

DESIGN: Chair Rail

chairrailWouldn’t this make the neatest chair rail?  And it’s made of pallet wood! Wondering how awesome it would look in the toilet room…

May 13

DESIGN: Plastic Wrap

foil-016under-0611mla107230_vertWhen it becomes a pain in the ass to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil, it’s time to design a better solution. And I think I may have done just that. This photo shows a mounted holder for the wrap, located just about where you’d likely want it for convenience sake. Continue reading →

May 13

DESIGN: Dishwasher

For the past few years, I’ve been coveting my friend’s drawer dishwashers. In a very lustful way. I love that they seem like the perfect size for a family of two (or one, at least much of the time). This can be easily filled in a few days’ time, as opposed to my full-size model, which isn’t even full with all of my dishes – and takes nearly a week for me to fill. And I don’t even want to get into its runtime, which is nearly three hours long…

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May 13

DESIGN: Wine Storage

Some people dream about vacations or adventures. I dream about wine racks. This week, I literally dreamt of one that was built into our dining-room wall, with an antique wrought-iron door that revealed a floor-to-ceiling rack, also made of wrought iron. With warm, soft lighting. It served as both storage and a focal point in the room. Yum…

Oct 12

DESIGN: Generator

We’re watching Hurricane Sandy bear down on the upper east coast. After ten years of living in the woods of New Hampshire, it’s time for a generator. I don’t need (or want) a big, honking thing that will power my entire house. My short list is one that will keep the refrigerator, heat and water pump running, along with a few kitchen outlets. Continue reading →

Oct 12

DESIGN: Kitchen Exhaust

I’m going to have a small galley kitchen in this new home, so the last thing I want is a massive exhaust vent that will make this space feel even smaller.  I also don’t want a built-in counter vent; I’ve heard from several friends that they don’t do the trick. One last thing on my do-not-want list for a range vent: one that’s built right into the stove. I have one and it works pretty well – but the cost of this add-on for a range is ridiculous.

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Sep 12

DESIGN: Outlets

If I’ve learned anything from those I know who’ve suffered gone through the design and building of a house, it’s that you need to carefully plan for outlets. How they’re used, where they’re used, and what’s best in terms of form and function.

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