Feb 15

IDEA: Corner Drawers

cornerdrawers Oooooohhh…..
Drawer porn. Enough said.

Jan 15

DESIGN: Slim Kitchen Drawers

slimdrawersThe problem with big drawers in a kitchen is that tiny things get lost. So lost, in fact, that you often forget the tiny things, save for the one or two times a year you clean out those big drawers in search of a tiny thing.

These slim drawers would certainly take care of that problem. I’m adding it to my list of MUST HAVEs in the kitchen.

Aug 14

THOUGHT: Nesting Deterrent

imageHad to file this one somewhere: it’s a peek at the underside of a shelter at a Train stop inside Disneyland. If you look closely, you’ll see a small wire that travels about one inch about the top of the beam, across to the opposite side. That little wire is doing a BIG job: preventing birdies and other creatures from nesting up there in that tempting little shelter. Must remember this idea!

Aug 14

DESIGN: Drawer Ironing Board

imageOooooooh. This is an automatic. Would love to retire the large, clunky ironing board…

Apr 14

IDEA: Deck Railing

I love the simplicity of these railings for our porch (and dog yard!). The design meets code (max. 4-inch spacing, 36in. height), is easily accesible (hog wire is available at most farm, feed or hardware stores) the material is strong, it’s fairly easy to construct, it won’t rust (if you purchase galvanized wiring) and it’s not that expensive. The major plus: it doesn’t cut out too much view.

Jul 13

DESIGN: Kitchen Backplash

image Love. Lots. I have to start pleading with friends who might still have these around…

Jun 13

DESIGN: Chair Rail

chairrailWouldn’t this make the neatest chair rail?  And it’s made of pallet wood! Wondering how awesome it would look in the toilet room…

Jun 13

THOUGHT: Lights and Other Things…

lightswoodLoving the large globe lights in this pic. Also the worn look of the kitchen shelves. Reclaimed, or just finished to give the appearance thereof? Either way, still loving it.

Jun 13


swingThis is a must. End of post.

May 13

DESIGN: Plastic Wrap

foil-016under-0611mla107230_vertWhen it becomes a pain in the ass to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil, it’s time to design a better solution. And I think I may have done just that. This photo shows a mounted holder for the wrap, located just about where you’d likely want it for convenience sake. Continue reading →